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Tired of the uninspiring fuel I was forcing my body to work on, tired of “healthy” meals that tasted like misery incarnate. I set to work, creating and designing new and interesting meals, snacks and desserts, using foods which for the best part of my life were foreign to me. It became a new outlet for my creativity, the ingredients became my colour palette and the end product was my work of art. With each experiment, I was learning and growing, both in mind and body.

Finally! A solution to my problem.

In my quest for nutritious and palatable perfection, I may have force fed my friends endless batches of brownies, muffins, cookies and cakes. What are friends for anyway?

A couple of years and hundreds of fine tuned recipes later, my product was born.

The Muscle bakery specialises in clean, alternative cakes, desserts and snacks. Catering for a wide ‘free from’ audience, our treats are made with you in mind, using nothing but the best ingredients; showcasing that we can enjoy the good stuff without ingesting the bad stuff.

Thanks to the power of social media, I have amassed quite a following, and the most frequent question asked when I post a snap of one of my creations is, “Can I have the recipe?”

So here is a few of the latest recipe creations just for you; in a beautifully presented book.

We are able to ship worldwide, however items are being shipped from Gibraltar so please bear in mind shipping fees will be higher than from UK.


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