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Get yourself a FREE Muscle Malt of choice when you hand in 10 labels at our store!

The rules are simple:

1.) Buy any choice of Muscle Malt at any of our retailers. This includes Muscle Malt, White Muscle Malt and Lean Muscle Malt.
2.) Collect them as full wrappers or peel off the labels and stick on a sheet of paper, a glass, yourself… whatever you think is best.
3.) Hand then in at our store, located at 6D Cornwalls Centre.
4.) Enjoy your FREE Muscle Malt 😛
Offer runs throughout all of summer upto and including end of August.
Get on it!

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Since opening up shop we realise that way too much plastic goes to waste, from the tubs we put our treats in, to the bags we use (when you guys buy way too many).

As much as we can’t avoid the plastic tub situ (we don’t want our food going bad). We CAN encourage you to bring your very own tubs/ tuppaware/ bags by offering you a 5% discount on all orders.

There is no end date on this, an infinite offer that helps everyone. You save money, we do too and in turn we are helping the planet 🌎

The rules are as follows:
1.) Bring back one of our tubs that you have taken home with you OR bring your own tub/ tuppaware. Same goes for plastic bags, bring those in too!
2.) Minimum order £1. Yep only £1.
3.) Team reserves the right to offer further discount to anyone who brings in larger amounts of tubs.



To celebrate the move to our new location we have decided to have a taster day so you can all come in and sample our treats. Sample some of the regulars or some of the new!

Nows your chance!

To be held: Friday 28th July @ Unit 6D Cornwall’s Centre from 12-2pm

Note: This is a taster day, we will stop anyone who is being too greedy!


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Look forward to seeing all your faces soon <3


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