Choose your base:

Protein cake, Dairy-Free or Vegan.

Choose your flavour:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry (or any that springs to mind)

Choose your ganache or frosting:

Keep the same flavour or combine as preferred.

Choose your topping:

Roasted nuts, chocolate chips or even chopped up MB bars, get creative.

Size: 10″ – Double Layer (Average of 12 generous slices).
Smaller sizes also available upon request.

Price: £40

Double frost (ganache AND frosting): £2
Add a Layer: £5
Extra toppings: £1
Super toppings: £2*

*Any toppings that require extra time that are not any of our bars, e.g. protein balls, brownies, cookies, cinnamon rolls etc.


Choose one from the options below:

banana-caramelBanana & Caramel
Double Layer / Price: £40
Banana-ChocBanana & Choc
Double Layer / Price: £40
Banana-PBBanana & PB
Double Layer / Price: £40
Carrot-CakeCarrot Cake
Single Layer / Price: £25
Double Layer /
 Price: £35
choc-berriesChoc & Berries (Vegan)
Double Layer / Price: £42
cakes-chocfrostedChoc Frosted
Double Layer / Price: £42
choc-mintChoc Mint
Double Layer / 
Price: £42
300x300_coconutcakeCoconut Cream Sponge
Double Layer / Price: £40
double-chocDouble Choc
Double Layer / Price: £42
hazelnut-chocHazelnut Choc (Vegan)
Single Layer / Price: £30
300x300_kinder-cakeKinder Cake
Double Layer / Price: £42
300x300_coated-malt-cakeMuscle Malt (Decadent)
Single Layer / Price: £42
malt-cakeMuscle Malt Cake 
Double Layer / Price: £40
matchaMatcha Cake (Vegan)
Single Layer / Price: £30
orem-cakeOreo Cake (Vegan)
Triple Layer / Price: £50
pb-vic-spongePB Victoria Sponge
Double Layer / Price: £36.50
snickers-veganSnickers Cake (Vegan)
Double Layer / Price: £45
toffee-pecanTOFFEE PECAN (Vegan)
Triple Layer / Price: £48
triple-chocTriple Choc
Double Layer / Price: £42
turronTurron Cake
Double Layer / Price: £40
cake-twixTwix Cake
Double Layer / Price: £40

To pre-order your items all you have to do is, check our availability and email/FB msg us with a date and request!