An insight into the life of The Muscle Bakery

For a while now, I have been wanting to document the daily ongoing’s of The Muscle Bakery and bring the Youtube channel to life. I want to show everyone a little insight as to what gets done behind the scenes and in-house, taking you through everything from daily struggles, observations, meals, supplements and general day to day tips.



However, between making bars, posting books, social media and everything else that takes up my time… i couldn’t think of a way around it… So, the solution? SNAPCHAT!




I have had Snapchat for a while now and absolutely love it, it allows me to communicate with my following without worrying much about the finer details such as filters, hashtags and all the rest that comes with it. Not only that, but my followers prove to be more interactive on Snapchat than any other form of social media. Every other day i get picture snaps on recipe suggestions, pictures of people enjoying my bars or even people trying out new recipes and proudly showing me. *insert hearts here*




Even though snapchat has many constraints, this means that everything will be that little bit more real, (kind of like Instagram in it’s very early days) raw and unedited, bar the blue snap-filter which is life. This is what i love about it, except maybe the 10 second interval video’s which are really REALLYYY testing.

So, this week i decided to start making more of a story and documenting the Muscle Bakery life in a bit more detail via Snapchat, saving the videos/ photos out at the end of each day and compiling them together.

This, is the result.

I hope you enjoy it.

(Excuse the accent.)


The Muscle Baker <3

Add us on Snapchat! Username: themusclebakery

OR you can catch us on all other social media platforms @themusclebakery


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