Raspberry & Lime BCAA Mojito

BCAA Mojito


Who is finding this summer heat absolutely UNBEARABLE? *raises hands* Yep, we are all feeling it the past couple of days, and although we cannot sort that out, we’ve come up with something that may help… Raspberry & Lime (Alcohol-Free) Mojitos, bringing Club Tropicana straight to your very own home!

400ml (Very cold) Water
1 Scoop BULKPOWDERS Informed Raspberry BCAA’s
1 Lime
1 Tbsp Fresh Mint Leaves
1/2 Cup Frozen Raspberries
4 Drops Raspberry Liquiflav (or Stevia/ sweetener of choice)

In a shaker, mix water, Liquiflav and BCAA’s then pour into 2 cups.

Cut lime in half, slice it into approx 4 slices and using other half, squeeze juice into both cups.

Add one slice inside each cup and use other 2 slices to decorate at the end.

Add mint & frozen raspberries, mushing mix together with a flat utensil (rolling pin is ideal) so that the mint and raspberries infuse into the BCAA mix.

BCAA Mojito

BCAA Mojito

Then proceed to enjoy as is, or add alcohol of preference for a true Club Tropicana experience.
We cannot be held accountable for any actions that may come of this though…


BCAA Mojito

Nutritional Info: (Per cup)

66 Cals | 0.1F | 7C | 9.9P

Low Fat | High Protein | Vegan Friendly


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