Coffee & Coconut Truffles (Vegan)


The lovely lot at Crumpets & Coffee sent us some of their flavoured coffee and we couldn’t wait to get our hands dirty creating something with it! We decided to make truffles, with the idea that it is easy for anyone to make as they require no baking whatsoever. The intention was not to make them Vegan, they just turned out that way after forgetting to add Whey Protein… oopsies.

1 Tsp Crumpets & Coffee Coconut Cream
200ml Boiling Water
65g Coconut Flour
4 Tbsp Vanilla Zero Syrup
2 Tbsp Sweet Freedom Syrup (or more Zero syrup if preferred)
2 Tbsp Vanilla Extract
1/4 Cup Almond Milk
1/4 Cup Granulated Sweetener of choice
3/4 Cup Reduced Fat Shredded Coconut

To Coat:
150g Dark Chocolate
More shredded coconut to sprinkle

Pour tsp of coffee and water together as you would to make a freshly brewed coffee and stir.

Add that to a bowl then mix together all the rest of your ingredients which should leave you with a wet/ sticky but foldable batter.

Note: If mix is too dry, add more almond milk or if too wet, more coconut flour.

Roll into balls and place on a lined tray or silicone sheet.

Freeze for upto 2 hours until hard.

Melt chocolate in a glass bowl over boiling water or in microwave. Remove balls from freezer, roll in chocolate, place back on tray and sprinkle with coconut. Repeat till all balls are coated and finish by placing in fridge to cool.

To make them higher in protein simply add your preferred protein powder and amend the ingredients slightly, but bear in mind vegan blend proteins will probably need sweetening more than whey protein as they tend to have a more ‘raw’ taste.




Recipe yields 20 pieces.

Amount may vary depending on size of rolled balls.

Nutritional Info (per ball):
80 Cals | 4F | 9.6C | 1.3P

Free from Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Egg.

Use Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate to make these sugar-free.

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