Protein French Toast

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Its been a bit quiet here at Muscle Bakery HQ as we set in motion lots of new plans and collaborations, so in the meantime we thought we’d dig out some recipes to share with you. This first recipe is a really easy one and perfect to enjoy for any meal of the day!

2 Slices Burgen Soya & Linseed Loaf (cut into shapes of preference)*
1-1.5 Egg Whites
3/4 Scoop Bulkpowders White Choc Whey
2 Tbsp PB2 (or alternative powdered PB)

Sliced Strawberries & Bananas (optional)

*Any sliced bread will work fine, choose the one you prefer / suits your dietary requirement. We simply chose this one as it was the one in pantry at the time.

Mix the egg whites with whey in a bowl, and proceed to add your cut up bread (be it triangles, rectangles or even dinosaur shapes) leaving them to coat for a little bit, turning over and coating further if need be.

Then in a hot non-stick pan, sizzle your coated bread pieces until egg cooks through. If you prefer (and your diet allows you) use a little coconut oil to sizzle your toast in, this will add a little more flavour, but not necessary.

Layer onto your plate with desired fruit (optional) then, mix PB2 with water (slowly) until reaching preferred consistency; more water means runnier, less water means thicker.

Then snap up a picture to post up on social media. Hashtag foodporn.

Then INHALE it before it gets cold (obvs).

Protein French Toast

Nutritional Info: (Per 1 single Serving)

390 Cals | 12.3F | 28.3C | 37P

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