Cheese-Cup-Cake – Invention Box WINNER!


Our main Muscle Baker entered a competition some time ago hosted by Protein Pow & Quest Nutrition. The competition consisted of creating a recipe which included the use of a Quest Bar and a limited pantry from a list provided. The task was hard, especially choosing from only a selection of ingredients, mostyl because in situations like these where the excitement gets to you and you just want to make ALL THE THINGS… which is why our entry culminated in a sort of all-in-one combo.

At the time, the winner was never announced because the email had remained in Miss Protein Pow’s outbox without sending until we tweeted her and asked! (oopsy) Lo and behold… this creation had won! HAPPY DAYS! So on (finally) receiving the last prize, decided to re-create them once again. This time using Cookie & Cream Quest Bar in the base and a Peanut Butter, ‘Oreo’ topping.

congrats note

It was amazing to find out that this recipe had won, all the other creations were so good and competition was tough so assumed someone else had won it! However, the BEST feeling was seeing others love it and re-create it (some more successfully than others hehe). Really love that!

The prizes which include a signed copy of Protein Pow’s cookbook will be donated for a giveaway we are planning. The Quest bars unfortunately are all ours! *evil laugh*

Find full recipe here.

For Peanut butter topping:
We mixed together some PB2 with water and Stevia, until thick/ spreadable consistency.
Then, topped with some home-made ‘oreo’ pieces which will feature in a future recipe.
(So keep an eye out for that one)

Free from Gluten | Wheat | Sugar


These were made without any topping and kept plain for a more macro-friendly alternative!


Swap for blueberries instead of strawberries like Clare did here! Don’t they look ace?


Or make some cocoa caramel and drizzle over the top before devouring! DELICIOSO!




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