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BreadPudding_HeaderAnyone who has dabbled in the art of protein baking, knows that the very queen is Miss Protein Pow! Her creations have taken the world by storm and put in place a revolution of protein treats. This lady has been an inspiration since the beginning, not just for her recipes, but also because she is the kind of woman people should look up to; hard working, kind, funny, independant, ambitious and most importantly a real person who made it happen.

There is a ton of recipes i could have featured, but this one came about one day, through lack of functioning brain cells ie too tired to think + some going off bananas which resulted in me turning to the encyclopedia of pow.

Original recipe here.

1 Cup of Koko Coconut Milk
2 Scoop Banana Fudge Beef Protein
2 Ripe Bananas (Mashed)
1/2 Cup of Egg Whites (approx 7-8 egg whites)
1/4 Cup Coconut Flour
1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract
2 Tbsp Bee Pollen*
(Check out more about the benefits of bee pollen here)
2 Drops Better Stevia
1/2 tsp baking powder

This recipe doesn’t really require much brain use, like mentioned earlier it was done without much brain cells in attendance.

Preheat oven to approx 180 degrees, and line a loaf pan/ silicone mould with a tiny bit of coconut oil.

Mix all your ingredients, combining them all well and drop in. Bake till beautifully golden which is approx 20-30minutes.

When done, leave to cool then you will have to pop into the fridge to completely cool.

Beef protein cooks a lot differently to whey or casein, your loaf will be slightly sticky. This is normal, this is what gives it the pudding-like texture.

After completely cooled, cut along edges and pop out onto a chopping board, slice and enjoy.


These were so perfectly moist, reminded me of my granny’s bread pudding, and when something reminds you of your gran’s cooking you know its GOOD!

Note: We did not use walnuts, but feel free to add them. Will give a nice flavour and texture to the pudding + banana and walnuts are a perfect partnership.

Recipe yields 10 slices (depending on how greedy you are).

Nutritional Info: Per slice (based on 10 slices):

82 Cals | 1.3F | 9.3C | 8.6P

Free from Gluten | Wheat | Sugar | Dairy

Low Fat | High protein

Protein Pow Logo

Welcome Protein Pow…

Protein Pow was founded by Anna Sward, in late January of 2011. Born one day, when a friend suggested Anna start a blog as a break from her unrelated-to-fitness-and-nutrition PhD. She was on her last year and, those days, spent much of her time in the library working on her doctoral thesis.

But, right away ran into a problem: not knowing what to write about. That’s when her friend asked the question that started it all.

“What do you LOVE to do?” 

Her website – which began as a blog – was the answer. It was born out of three interdependent passions: a passion for exercise, a passion for nutrition, and a passion for creating healthy and delicious food (oh and a passion for writing and drawing, though those two aren’t so interdependent, hehe).

Three to four times a week during 2011, she would play around with her protein powders after the gym, come up with recipes for them, and generally make a (relative) mess out of my kitchen before and after every workout – from kitchen to war-zone to kitchen again.

She then eventually launched Protein Pow as a company – a company designed to support her website’s rapidly expanding mission and promote the growth protein pow(d)ered cuisine. Family and friends thought it was a strange decision to go from academia to food and business. But Anna? No way. Not when this little website that started as a hobby gave rise to one of the most global, fun, and dynamic communities she could ever have imagined!

Read more here.

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