Berry Smoothie


Smoothies are great for a whole load of reasons, but for the most part we love them because; you can get your greens in without really tasting them, they are a great source of nutritious fuel for when you are pressed for time and need something on the go AND as a post-workout shake, they are a great alternative. This is one of our favourite combo’s, it is simple and nutritious, complete with spinach, berries, protein and full of berry yumminess.

1 Cup Almond Milk (Unsweetened)
1 Handful fresh Spinach leaves
1/2 Tbsp Raspberry Liquiflav
1/2 Scoop Strawberry Complete Diet Protein
1 Handful Frozen Summer Berries


Add all the ingredients into your blender and blitz away.

(That simple)

Pour into your favourite cup and slurp away!


Note: We used liquiflav because we LOVE the flavour, however any sort of sweetener/ liquid sweetener will do. Alternatively, you can omit this completely if you don’t mind it being less sweet.


Nutritional Info:

122 Cals | 5F | 7C | 13P

(Macros may vary depending on brands used.)


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