Easy Lemon Pancakes

Lemon Pancakes

This is our staple protein pancake recipe, so easy to make and so tasty! Give it a whirl and don’t be afraid to tailor it to your preferred flavours using your favourite flavour of whey and toppings!

5-6 Egg Whites
2 Scoop Lemon Meringue Whey
40g Ground Oats
1 Tbsp Greek Yoghurt or Quark
1 Tsp Coconut Oil (to fry)


Whisk up your ingredients, everything except the coconut oil.

Using a non-stick pan on medium- high heat start making your pancakes by adding spoonful’s of batter for each one. Add tiny bits of coconut oil as you go along instead of all at once.

They will cook quite quickly, so be ready to flip them over.

Combine with a no-cal sauce for a macro-friendly pancake stack.

Recipe yields 10-12 pancakes (2 servings)

Nutritional Info (Per Serving):
276 Cals | 6.3F | 14.2C | 37.8P

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