Lemon & Poppy Bars.


Walking into a health store to find worthy items in the sale rack is pretty much like… winning a minor prize in the lottery. It probably wont serve for much but you welcome it anyway, this is what happened prior to this recipe. Lemon & Poppy White Chocolate was the culprit! It was in the ‘Buy One Get One Free’ rack and I had to have it x2. CLEARLY.


I HAD to have it AND make something with it (of course)….

150g Ground Almonds
2 Tbsp (heaped) Natural ALmond Butter
2 Tsp Organic Lemon Extract
1 Tsp Poppy Seeds
4-5 Tbsp Agave Nectar Light
2 Melted Tbsp Coconut Oil
2 Scoop Lemon Cheesecake Efectiv Whey
1/2 (approx 42.5g) Seed & Bean Lemon & Poppy Seeds White Chocolate Bar, chopped*
1/8 Cup Coconut Flour

*Or you can use any preferred chocolate alternative.

Mix all the ingredients except for the white chocolate and coconut flour. Use your hands and dont be afraid, mush it well together until everything is nicely mixed in and you have a thick dough. Add the chocolate in and blend again using your hands, followed by the coconut flour last. This will serve to dry up the mix nicely.

The next step, you can either mould the bars yourself into squares or rectangles or you can do as I did here and press into a loaf pan evenly.

Then stick in freezer for a little while to harden up, or if you’re really patient simply leave in fridge overnight. Once fused together you can cut up in bars or squares and enjoy in abundance or moderately… as you please!


Makes 8 pieces.

Per bar: 

188Cals | 13.2F | 9.3C | 8.2P

Free from: Wheat | Gluten | Grain | Soy | Egg




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