Dairy-Free Protein Chocs


Making these, little did we know how great they would be! It was the very first time using Beef Protein and we were very impressed! (So much so that it has become one of our favourite products). It uses next to no ingredients and done in next to no time. That always makes for a recipe win!

1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
1 Tbsp Unsweetened 100% Cocoa Powder
1/2 Scoop Bulkpowders Chocolate Hydrobeef
2 Drops Stevia
4 Tbsp Koko Coconut Milk

Note: Feel free to sub the Beef Protein to one of your preference, most will work. If you prefer to omit the protein, add more Cocoa/Stevia. You should end up with a semi sticky/ mouldable batter.


First melt your coconut oil, then mix ingredients in this order (with a whisk)… Cocoa powder, followed by coconut milk, followed by Hydrobeef and then the stevia.

Pour into your desired mould and pop into the freezer.

They will firm up quickly, so no endless hours of waiting for these!

Keep stored in freezer, just whip out when ready to consume.

Add to hot porridge for a melted chocolate delight.


Perfect guilt-free, low-carb, high protein chocolate snack!

Recipe yielded 9 pieces.

Free from Dairy | Egg | Soy | Sugar | Gluten | Wheat 

Not suitable for Vegans

Nutritional Info: (per piece) 29 Cals | 1.7F | 0.5C | 3.1P

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