Easy Lemon Tikka (Low-Fat/ Low-Carb)

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When you eat chicken regularly, it can often become quite boring or monotonous. So, once in a while we like sprucing things up with a little flavour! After having purchased some Schwartz blends we decided to put one to good use by following the recipe on the back of the tub (but simplified and a bit more macro-friendly.) This dish is so easy to make, inexpensive and just the perfect amount of yummy… give it a go!

4 Chicken Breasts
(diced and fat removed)
Juice of 1/2 lemon
2 Tbsp Schwartz Tikka Spice Blend
100g 0% Fage Greek Yoghurt
Pinch of salt and pepper
Coriander (to garnish)

Add chicken breast, lemon, tikka blend, yoghurt, salt and pepper into a bowl and mix thoroughly till all chicken pieces are coated.

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Leave in fridge for minimum 30 minutes or can leave for longer, even overnight.

Heat up Foreman grill, coat it in a couple of Fry Light Coco Oil spray’s and grill chicken. It wont need longer than 10 minutes to cook, just make sure you keep turning so it doesnt overcook on one side.

Once ready, accompany with your preferred side dish.

For a low-carb alternative, this dish tastes great with grilled peppers. Or, if youre not too fussed… enjoy with some good ol’ rice πŸ˜‹

For a Vegan alternative, try this dish with Tofu! Or, if you just need to avoid Dairy, try it with some Alpro Soy/ Almond/ Coconut yoghurt.


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Serves 4.

Nutritional Info (per serving):
269Cals | 5F | 8C | 45P

Free from Gluten, Wheat, Egg, Nuts.


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