Protein Waffle Pops


What happens when you make too many waffles? You make PROTEIN WAFFLE POPSSSS! Now, before anyone says… how do you even have leftover waffles? Unbelievably, we tend to have a fridge full of leftovers and we can only get through so much a day, so instead of leaving them in the fridge to go past its edible state, save them by doing this. The food fairies will thank you for not wasting food, plus they taste super awesome, everybody wins!

The recipe used for waffles is this one. You will need 3 large waffles divided into 5 pieces.

Then, you will need:
– 150g bar of Dark Chocolate
– 3-4 Crushed Oreos. (Or any other topping you may fancy).
– Cake Pop Sticks
– Bit of patience

Prepare some trays lined with greaseproof paper and begin by piercing the waffles slowly with cake pop stick. Our waffle machine does our waffles in shapes of hearts, however if yours does not, you can cut them out into shapes of preference or even mash them up into cake balls and make cake pops.

Melt chocolate in microwave or in a bowl over boiling water.

Tip: adding a tiny bit of coconut oil to chocolate while melting will help smooth it out a little.

Holding the pierced waffle securely coat one side and place that side down on lined tray. Repeat for all pieces and place in freezer for 10 minutes or so for chocolate to harden.

In a bowl, crush the oreos (or prepare toppings). Take out half coated waffles and coat the other side, top with crushed oreos and place back on lined tray. Repeat for all pieces and place back in freezer to solidify one last time.

The reason we did the half/half process was to make it easier to coat as a whole, however if you are making cake pops with the leftover waffles you won’t need to do this. Or if you cut smaller shapes, it won’t be necessary either.


Nutritional Info:

101 Cals | 5.5F | 9.2C | 3.9P

If you make these as cake pops or smaller waffle shapes the macros will vary.


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