Coffee & Walnut Cake


This creation came about after a request from the team at Bulkpowder’s and as with most recipes… the less i plan the better! So, in i went, head first… with my Bulkpowder ingredients in tow! Alas, this beauty came out the other end! *Round of applause*

Using Protein Coffee we were able to make this cake without having to add extra whey which was a major bonus! Which means that if you don’t have Protein Coffee, you can use normal standard Coffee instead! More coffee granules = stronger, less = lighter. Depends how much of a hardcore coffee fan you are.


It is comprised of Hydrolysed Whey Protein, Freeze Dried Instant Coffee, Skimmed Milk Powder, Medium Chain Triglycerides and Sweetener (Sucralose) and is a current favourite! Really helps hit that protein content while slowly waking us up every morning.

Complete Protein Coffee™ is an almost perfect supplement – Whey Protein increases satiety, which will prevent snacking between meals, whilst Medium Chain Triglycerides and the natural Caffeine content contribute to fat loss. Additionally, each serving contains only approximately 1g carbohydrate, yet is still an effective energy source. “


What is MCT oil?

MCT oil is a fat produced from coconut oil and palm kernels. Sometimes people  just refer to it as coconut oil. Now before you ask,  “how is increasing my fat intake going to help?” you need to realize that not all fats are created equal.

Most dietary fat is made up of Long Chain Triglycerides (LCT’s), consisting of 12-18 carbon atoms per chain. Medium Chain Triglycerides on the other hand are shorter, consisting of 6-10 carbon atoms per chain. Because of this difference in structure, the two fats have vastly different properties.

What makes MCTs useful?
Due to the reduced chain length, MCTs are absorbed and then metabolized very rapidly. They are very efficiently converted  into fuel for immediate use, instead of being stored as fat. They are used as energy much faster than glucose and have over twice the calories per gram, making them an excellent energy source during intense exercise.

Sourced from Lean And Muscular.

Is Protein Coffee for you? Heres what we think:
TASTE: Like a creamy milky coffee, add some cinnamon stevia and it will blow you away!
MACROS: 105 Cals | 1.5F | 1.4C | 22P which makes it reign over most protein shakes.
Perfect for those of you who train in the mornings and need to hit that post workout/ pre work energy boost while getting your protein in at the same time!
Price: £27.49 for a 1KG bag which considering you get your coffee And Hydrolysed Whey for that price, youre nothing but winning!

Overall satisfaction: 9/10

And the only reason its not getting a 10 is because i have to limit my consumption of it! xD


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