Protein Cherry Pie (with Vegan Subs)


We were originally going to create a large apple pie, but found frozen cherry packs at our local and well… cherries over apples any day! It is one of our favourite berries, but having to remove the stones is an effort, especially for a recipe that calls for a large amount of them. Thankfully Waitrose came to the rescue!

Although cherries are a powerhouse of antioxidants, nutritionist Rania Batayneh, MPH author of the forthcoming The 1:1:1 Diet, said to Medical Daily, “Beyond anti-oxidants, cherries are the only natural source of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the body’s internal block and sleep-wake cycles.”

Need we say more?

Now before we continue, it must be said that this recipe calls for time and patience. A recipe to make if you have time, are planning to stay home or are exceptionally good at time planning. But, don’t be put off, it is easier to make than you think!

Cherry Pie Img

1/4 Cup Water
4 Scoops Vitafiber Powder
40g Cashew Butter
1.5 Scoops Unflavoured Casein
75g Ground Almonds
400g Frozen Cherries
1/4 Cup Granulated Sweetener of Choice
1 Tbsp Arrowroot

Note: To make this recipe Vegan, use 1 Scoop Vanilla Soy Protein and 0.5 Scoop Pea Protein. We used Now Foods NON-GMO Soy Protein in Vanilla and Bulkpowders Pea Protein Isolate.

In a bowl whisk together vitafiber and water, microwave for 30 seconds and whisk again.

Fold in cashew butter, then casein, then ground almonds until well combined. You should get a doughy, slightly sticky texture that is easy to work with. If you find it is too sticky, keep adding casein and ground almonds until your reach desired consistency.

Grab your tart mold (we used a metal 9″-10″ size one) and press your batter into it.

Note: Double up on pie batter if you want it thicker, or want to cover the whole of the top. We made a little extra to make the leaves we used across the sides.

Add the whole bag of frozen cherries to a non-stick pan and switch on at medium-high heat. As the cherries are frozen it will naturally expel liquid, so you won’t need to add any extra.

Lower heat completely, then fold in arrowroot which will turn your cherry mix into a sort of pasty texture.

Spoon it into the base and place back in freezer. Wait till solidified.

Pre-heat oven to 170 degrees C. Place frozen pies and bake for 10-15 minutes until edges start to golden.

Remove from oven and enjoy hot, or leave to cool slightly and enjoy then.

You may also want to remove from mold and bake further to get it really crispy.

Nutritional Info: (per piece of 12)
102 Cals | 5.1F | 7.5C | 5.9P

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