Banana-less Vegan Pancakes


Woke up on this rainy sunday and really fancied some pancakes for brunch, but my usual go to Vegan Pancake Recipe was a no go as i was out of bananas. I originally played with the idea of using aquafaba but honestly, that required effort and effort was something i did not have today.

So, i gathered together the ingredients i DID have:

Flour, check.

Milk, check.

Yoghurt, check.

Ok great, lets try with that.


1 Cup Vanilla Soy Milk (or use any preferred milk)
1 Cup Alpro Coconut Yoghurt (can sub with applesauce or preferred yoghurt)
1 Cup Gluten-Free Flour (can use normal flour also)
1 Tbsp Clearpsring Flaxseed Protein (or sub for preferred protein powder)
1/2 Tsp Baking Soda


Pour wet ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly until well combined.

Then fold in the dry ingredients and set aside for a couple of minutes.

Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat, too high and the pancakes will burn or too low and they won’t cook properly.

I used a low-cal oil spray but feel free to use any oil you wish if any at all.

(For tips on how to perfect pancake making, click here)

Then using a ladel or large spoon, pour spoonful’s of mix and cook for several minutes on each side until all batter is done. You will know when the pancake needs flipping when it begins to bubble through on to the top.

Then, proceed to top with whatever your heart desires.

In my case it was Pip and Nut Smooth Peanut Butter, Bulkpowders Zero Maple Syrup and bacon bits (which happen to be vegan).

I love a sweet and savoury combo and this really hit the spot! 😛

Yields 2 servings.

Nutritional Info (per serving):
300cals | 6.8F | 48.4C | 10.1P

Free from Gluten | Wheat | Vegan

Look forward to seeing what combos you guys come up with! Don’t forget to tag us if you make them, we love to see. Find us on all social outlets @themusclebakery/ @themusclebaker 🙂

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